Monday, June 27, 2005

Edited a lot today ...

Finally out of my fever today I prepared a gud intro to my article on Open Source making busines sense and published it to public

Edited a lot of articles in Help Docs section correcting gramatical and formatting errors in them

Friens I am pointing out some common 'formatting errors' I noticed -
1. You all are not using the inbuilt Numbering system - The WYSWYG editor in Momabo is similar to OpenOffice or MS Word - so start using the numbering and bullets from the toolbar helps preserve formatting
2. Use of -> notation : Again you have a cube in the extreme right of the toolbar which says 'symbols' - use sybols like the arrow (→) instead of -> which doesnt look neat ..
3. Capitalise the first letter of sentence - it is simply carelessness which creates this error. A bit more carefulness while creating a text will save a lot of 'editorial' work !!


  • At 3:31 PM, Blogger gaurav masand said…

    gr8 work Nikhil,

    i am always motivated by seeing your enthusiasm towards work


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