Thursday, June 16, 2005

flashback gnulinuxclub

Right from the day i started to work on Linux, it always fascinated me.
To create awareness for this, i stared with a LUG (linux user group) called Linux_iips in 2003
this was the user group meant for my college IIPS, (International Institute of Professional studies).
to reach out to a wider audience, I launched a website as well

I maintained this website on my own and soon realized that it was not possible for me to work in all areas
so the new idea for a global website was born
initially the name that was thought of was
but this was changed to after i came to know about the difference between Linux and Gnu/Linux (for this i am thankfull to Anindya and the movie:The Code Linux) and realized that we are not going the right way , when we talk about Linux and not Gnu/Linux
so i made a call for volunteers for a new website ,

within a week i got all the volunteers for the website, so we soon formed a team and work was delegated to the members
the development process started in the first week of June 2005 and here we stand today with our website

This is just a start and we know that our efforts will surely bore fruit.


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