Tuesday, June 28, 2005

backup in place

weekly backup for the website has been planned.
this was required to face any eventuality.
our's is not a static html website but a dynamic one so the backup involves backup of database as well

also to provide some help for learning Mambo CMS and administrating it
the same website will be replicated at another location
and only interested developers will be allowed to try their hand on it.

Monday, June 27, 2005

free software at gnulinuxclub

After a mail from RMS, i realized that we were creating a mistake by not talking much about free software at our site
we required to highlight that too
so a seperate section for "free software" has been introduced where some basic questions regarding free software are answered with resped to the GNU documentation.

do read on that section at

to know more about terms such as GNU/Linux, free GNU/Linux,free software, non free software etc.

and friends, do contribute to this blog atleast on weekly basis ,this will bring more ideas to the group and publicity.

as far as publicity is concerned ,we are now listed at after long hours of work in sitemap generation for google.

Edited a lot today ...

Finally out of my fever today I prepared a gud intro to my article on Open Source making busines sense and published it to public

Edited a lot of articles in Help Docs section correcting gramatical and formatting errors in them

Friens I am pointing out some common 'formatting errors' I noticed -
1. You all are not using the inbuilt Numbering system - The WYSWYG editor in Momabo is similar to OpenOffice or MS Word - so start using the numbering and bullets from the toolbar helps preserve formatting
2. Use of -> notation : Again you have a cube in the extreme right of the toolbar which says 'symbols' - use sybols like the arrow (→) instead of -> which doesnt look neat ..
3. Capitalise the first letter of sentence - it is simply carelessness which creates this error. A bit more carefulness while creating a text will save a lot of 'editorial' work !!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

going public soon..

We will be going public in a couple of days
Only some sections, interview,wiki and the corporate section are incomplete.
they will soon be up with some content.

By going public i mean that we will list our website in search engines,leave the url at variuos locations,use the url in our email and internet forum posts etc.

The publicity team will start working in drawing more and more traffic to the site.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

flashback gnulinuxclub

Right from the day i started to work on Linux, it always fascinated me.
To create awareness for this, i stared with a LUG (linux user group) called Linux_iips in 2003
this was the user group meant for my college IIPS, (International Institute of Professional studies).
to reach out to a wider audience, I launched a website as well

I maintained this website on my own and soon realized that it was not possible for me to work in all areas
so the new idea for a global website was born
initially the name that was thought of was
but this was changed to after i came to know about the difference between Linux and Gnu/Linux (for this i am thankfull to Anindya and the movie:The Code Linux) and realized that we are not going the right way , when we talk about Linux and not Gnu/Linux
so i made a call for volunteers for a new website ,

within a week i got all the volunteers for the website, so we soon formed a team and work was delegated to the members
the development process started in the first week of June 2005 and here we stand today with our website

This is just a start and we know that our efforts will surely bore fruit.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Revolution . . . and us

Linux and GNU – a silent revolution that started in late 80s can as well be compared to the Russian Revolution by its audience. Youth, Students, and academicians have always partnered to create revolutions. I also got caught in this whirlwind sometime around 1999-2000 when I entered my engineering. I did many small projects and installing latest Linux packages and playing with shell commands became a sport. But as I moved into a management course circa 2003, I found a whole new dimension of this revolution.

While there were numerous students engaged in coding software in the open source spirit, hardly a few volunteers were engaged in marketing, publicity and commercial study of the movement. This was especially so in India – and so I decided to pursue this line in the Open Source movement. After all RMS’ ultimate objective is not to develop a cult but to propagate the benefits of Open Source to the industry and masses and to make them realise how and why this makes more sense than proprietary software.

But I found myself wandering aimlessly – writing an odd article in NITIE’s (my B-school) internal journal or just compiling data on viability of Open Source software model for my own sake. So when I saw a mail from Gaurav Masand in the little_league asking for volunteers to manage website publicity for a new GNU/Linux website, I grabbed the opportunity. My previous experience of creating the Online Business Simulation games event – MaatishK also gave me the necessary experience to take up the job – especially because I had insisted on use of Open Source technologies during development of MastishK.

Well, I should congratulate Gaurav for the initiative he has taken – and of course the other of my Team Mates who are doing a great work. I guess the project is going great and this blog is gonna be useful for coordinating between ourselves. As of now we are wokring on the following two sections
Welcome to the gnulinux club! []
Why gnulinuxclub? []

Looking forward to intro posts by others and then a barrage of posts and numerous links about sections in progress as the momentum on the site builds up.